The BGS Video Project (2011)

A promotional video for the Center for Continuing Studies at UCONN portraying the experience of three students enrolled in the Bachelor's program of General Studies at UConn.

Director, Photographer, and Editor: Yi Wang

The cook book (2010)

Documentary: 15 minutes

Producer:  Yi Wang & Adam Popescu

Director, Photographer, Editor:  Hsuan Liang & Yi Wang

It is a story about Qiuyi, an international undergraduate student from China.  It is said by Qiuyi that "Understanding a culture starts from knowing the people around you." But for Qiuyi, people she needs to know are not only classmates, but the elders from the local Syracuse, the real grassroots communities. Why is she doing that, and how will she accomplish her goal? 

The Przewalski’s horse (2009)

Edited clips from documentaries about stories of the Przewalski's horse 
Director and Editor: Feng Fang & Yi Wang
Photographer: Feng Fang  

Order of the edited clips

I have a date with the Przewalski’s horse (2009) Documentary clip/ 30 minutes
A story of a Chinese-American girl who went to the Xinjiang Przewalski's horse Breeding Base to adopt a pony-born. 

The expulsive Przewalski's horse (2009) Documentary clip/ 30 minutes
A story about how a young expulsive Przewalski's horse finally fights back his own family and becomes the "king." 

Wild horse princess (2009) Documentary clip/ 30 minutes
Touching stories between Hefang and the Prewalski’s horses she works with. Spending all her beautiful time at the horse breeding base, Hefang found herself so hard to leave.